Por Las Plumas

Por Las Plumas
A while ago John brought this movie home. The picture above is from their Facebook page. He said it was filmed here. I took that to mean it was filmed in Costa Rica. I watched the film, with English subtitles, because the actors spoke too fast for my brain to begin translating. The pace of the movie is slow. Scenes are held for a long time. At first this bothered me, but then I realized it was perfect. It perfectly portrayed life as it is in rural Costa Rica. Near the end of the movie I thought some of the scenery was familiar. It wasn't until some of the end scenes that I realized that John meant the film was made here, in and around Puriscal! I had to watch it a second time to take in the visual and artistic beauty of the movie. The story was charming as well. If you want to see what life, through the eyes of Ticos is like, then I highly recommend this movie. I also recommend it for anyone who is thinking about moving to Costa Rica.


Anonymous said…
Nice interview on making this film:


SRD said…
Thanks for the link Garuda!