Laughing Falcon Nature Sighting

Laughing Falcon Costa Rica
Earlier this week I heard a very close and loud call of the Laughing Falcon. I looked outside and in a tree near the patio was this majestic bird. I rushed to get the camera in position and shot away for several minutes. The falcon turned his head side to side as he scanned the tall grass below. I couldn't determine if he was focused on any particular area or merely observing. And then he did something different. He stood up very tall and then began to crouch down on the branch and swayed from front to back. I thought he was doing this to counterbalance in the wind, but I was wrong. After a few sways and body moves, he suddenly dived into the grass below. I heard a little scuffle in the grass, and then it was quiet. About 30 seconds later he flew up from the grass with a snake in his talons that was at least five feet long! The falcon seemed to struggle a little as he landed in another, more secluded, tree to enjoy the meal. A nature sighting I will not forget!