Another try at caja problem and surprisingly small chickens


Outdoor tent building for covid injections
People getting COVID injections in Puriscal.

We returned to the Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social office this week to turn in paperwork for the national health care. This was to resolve the problem I blogged about a few weeks ago. As we drove to the parking lot I saw a long line of people outside the building. I thought we would have to wait to get inside. When we approached the door the guard asked everyone waiting for the COVID injection to move aside. An outdoor room was set up for people getting the shot. After their line moved we washed our hands, had our temperature taken and walked right in.

A woman having temperature checked before entering CCSS, Puriscal
A view from inside Puriscal CCSS looking out the front door.

A different woman was behind the counter this time. John asked a few questions and she said some muffled words through her mask and from behind the glass. Then she asked us to follow her down the hall to another office. There we met a woman who appeared very knowledgeable about the form. She was probably the one who processes them. She was helpful and pointed out a few things that needed to be filled out. She also informed us that we were missing a declaration of marriage. We'll meet with the attorney later this week for that and then return yet again to submit the paperwork.

Central Park in Puriscal
The central park in Santiago de Puriscal

Next stop was shopping in Santiago de Puriscal. We walked by the still closed central park and I took a photo from the opposite direction I captured last time. In reviewing some of my old photos of the park, I realized that the white bars around the maintenance building, behind the toad, are new. I don't know when they were installed, but it makes for interesting photography. When the park opens I will see what other creative angles I can find.

Small breed chickens for sale in Puriscal
Small chickens for sale at the Puriscal pet store.

The pet store was on the shopping list today. I've always enjoyed looking at the tropical fish, birds and small animals for sale. The tropical fish were a disappointment this time, but the bird selection was full of variety and surprises. There was a pair of turkeys, a colorful pheasant, a large rooster like my Junior and a few cages with the regular egg hens. 

Small breed chickens for sale in Puriscal.
Small breed chickens for sale in Puriscal.

The cage on the end is what occupied my attention the most. In it were fully grown, but very small chickens. I think they weighed less than two pounds. One of the roosters had feathered feet like my chickens. In the first photo you can see part of a rooster on the left, like my rooster, for size comparison. These small chickens were so cute! I wanted to take all of them home with me, but I wouldn't be able to keep them with my large chickens so I was content admiring them. In the past, someone mentioned these small chickens and said they are known for laying a lot of little eggs. Seeing these small birds was the highlight of the trip.