Extraordinary Fossil Found in Puriscal, Costa Rica

fossil with quarts found in Costa Rica

Every morning, I inspect the outer perimeter of the chicken palace. Fortunately, nothing has ever tried to break in. On a recent perimeter walk, I had a startling discovery with this amazing rock. 

fossil with quarts found in Costa Rica

It looks like a piece of petrified bone or plant. The fossil measures about 10cm long and a radius of 8cm. It's smooth on the outside and has a crystal formation on one end. Without a doubt, this is the most amazing petrified remains I have ever found.

quartz formation in fossil from Costa Rica

I wondered how it was possible I walked by it so many times and never saw it. After pondering this I realized I probably dug it up the prior day when I was moving rocky dirt to use inside the chicken palace. 

possible rhizolith from Costa Rica

Curiosity took over and I wanted to know if this was from a plant or animal. I inquired with a fossil forum on the internet. One person replied and said it could be root trace, or rhizolith. I looked into rhizoliths and it could very well be that.

Fossil found in Puriscal, Costa Rica

I also looked into it being from palm plant or tree fern. A lot of fossils of tree ferns are pictured on the internet, but I don't see some of the obvious characteristics on my piece. Regardless of what it is I think it is so incredibly awesome that it was found on our property. 

Fossil found in Puriscal, Costa Rica


Cool to have such a find on your daily walk. While the colors are different, it reminded me of the petrified forest in Arizona. It looks like part of a tree trunk. My eye is untrained however after many moons later of college geology classes in Colorado. A fascinating find! Perhaps there are more such treasures underground! Have fun with discovering items on your walk.
SRD said…
Thank you MA! This find inspired me to learn more about the geology in our area. There are so many mysteries on Earth!