Continuation of CAJA Problem and Lost Mind

Two masked men on sidewalk in Santiago de Puriscal
Masked people in Santiago de Puriscal

We buzzed the gate at the attorney's office and a woman escorted us inside. I've been here a few times in the past. The new feature was a large vertical piece of safety glass at the edge of the desk separating us from him. No one was going to accidently spittle on anyone. The task of the day was to obtain a "declaration of marriage" for my ongoing CAJA problem.

Man with black mask carrying bag of foam pieces.
Masked man in Santiago de Puriscal

John explained what the CAJA clerk said was lacking. Mr. Attorney was perplexed as to why we needed something from him when we already declared our marital status and signed verifying it was truthful. I showed him where the clerk wrote what declaration was required. The attorney stated that the instructions from CAJA were unclear. He wasn't sure if we needed the basic notary certificate or a more complicated one.

Street Vendor getting ready to give fist bump to passerby
Puriscal Street Vendor Ready to Fist Bump

Mr. Attorney spent the next forty-five minutes on the phone trying to get details about what was required. I sat comfortably in a swivel chair and passed the time by watching a screen on the wall behind me that showed live feeds from multiple security cameras. When I was tired of that I swiveled back around and studied my aging reflection in the safety glass on the desk.

Man and Street Vendor in Santiago de Puriscal
People on street corner of Santiago de Puriscal

"Pura Vida" comments were shared between us and stories were told about work ethics of government employees. Eventually, the CAJA clerk answered the phone and Mr. Attorney got the information he needed. It turned out the basic notary certificate was adequate.

Masked woman and child in Santiago de Puriscal
Street corner in Santiago de Puriscal

With the declaration in hand we walked a few blocks to the parked car. Along the way I passed many people, including children, wearing masks while outside. They are not required to wear masks outdoors, but for some reason the majority do. I wonder why?

Man with mask in Santiago de Puriscal
Man on sidewalk in Santiago de Puriscal

John drove to the CAJA office. The parking lot was full so he parked a few blocks away. Like last time, people were lined up for the covid injection. We washed our hands and had our temperature checked and were allowed inside. The paperwork was turned in and the clerk said to come back in ten days for the resolution. 

Lost Mind graffiti in Puriscal
Graffiti in Santiago de Puriscal

I'm pleased the paperwork was finally submitted, however these trips to town over the past few weeks and seeing 98% of people outdoors in masks when it's not obligatory, saddens me. It's heartbreaking to see masked children outside. What has happened to people's common sense over the past year? Has fear taken its toll? Have they lost their mind?