Concrete Stairs to the River Rejuvenated

Concrete stairs and dog in Puriscal, Costa Rica
New and old stairs and Smiley the dog.

The stairs to the river were rejuvenated this week. Some of the steps were crumbling and needed to be removed and replaced with fresh concrete. I will never forget the initial stair building project and all of the people it took to make it happen.

Concrete stairs and dog in Puriscal, Costa Rica
Spencer at the bottom of the photo.

This time two men did the job, including carrying sacks of sand and concrete to the location. They used the plastic wheelbarrow to mix the cement, something the original crew did not have. They also used two very long hoses to get the water closer to where needed.

Concrete stairs in Puriscal, Costa Rica

This contractor chose not to use wood forms to make the stairs. Instead, he formed them by hand. I imagine that was easier for him. I also think the new design should handle the rain water flow better.

Concrete stairs and dog in Puriscal, Costa Rica
New concrete stairs and Bruno the dog.

I counted the stairs twice and an additional seven steps were added for a total of 239. When I walk down to the river with the dogs, I prefer to walk down the property line along the street to the river and when it’s time to go home we walk up the stairs. I find that a little easier. Spencer would be happy to never walk on the stairs, there are more interesting things to smell the other way.