Surprise Egg at Maxi Pali

Maxi Pali Puriscal

Surprise egg machine at Maxi Pali in Puriscal
There's a surprise egg machine outside the Maxi Pali store in town. The machine is next to the gumball and candy machines. One day my husband asked if I wanted one of the surprise eggs. I looked at the sign with pictures of the "surprises". They were all small plastic items such as a key chain, and toy figures. I accepted his offer, hoping I would get the most useful of those pictured, they key chain. 200 colones, about $.36 was put in the machine. I felt like a kid again opening the plastic egg but was quickly disappointed to find a balloon inside! That was not pictured as one of the prizes! Another day we were at the same store and I watched this little boy get two eggs from the machine. As he was walking away one of the eggs dropped and cracked open. He was luckier than me and actually got a plastic trinket.