Roxy and Bull 32

small black dog and white bull
Something exciting happened the other day. I was finishing a shower when Roxy begins barking. Her bark is at an orange threat level. It's not the red level so I finish up in the shower. Roxy continues barking. I hear a clippity-clop, clippity-clop, clippity-clop sound. I call out but no one replies. Then he appears. A young bull with number 32 etched on his hip is in the back yard. This has never happened before. Threat level, according to Roxy, increased to red and she proceeds to herd the bull towards the cliff! I can't watch, so I retreat. Pondering, if he doesn't go over the cliff, how to force him through one of the narrow paths to the front yard. After a several minutes, I hear it again clippity-clop, clippity-clop, clippity-clop. The sound of bull hooves on the patio. He made it through the narrow opening by himself! Roxy and I guide him out the gate. He's photographed here after being released to the street.